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Steady Glow

Constant energy source for starting gas powered airplanes, boats or cars.



  • Steady Glow is a regulated semiconductor voltage reducer for use on model equipment requiring 1.5 volt glow plugs. The unique feature of Steady Glow is its ability to operate from a very wide variety of power sources. The unit is sold complete with a twist lock glow plug connector and large alligator input clamps
  • Unlike resistive voltage dividers Steady glow maintains a constant 1.5 volt output regardless of input voltage variations. This creates stable glow plug power from a common battery while allowing the use of starting motors and other starting line / flight line equipment. Only one battery is needed. The added advantage of using typical starter motor batteries for glow plug ignition is the added life attained for starting. A typical 12 volt starting battery will need to drop to 6 volts before steady glow would stop functioning. Long after the battery would be useful for starter motors.
  • The input of the Steady Glow is not polarity sensitive therefore eliminating the concern of connecting the unit to the battery incorrectly.
  • The output is short circuit tolerant for short periods of time. Steady Glow will recover and continue to function after a momentary short of the output.
  • The recommended power source for steady glow is a 12 volt battery with at least a .5 amp output. The unit can run efficiently on any DC source from 6 volts to 24 volts and any 60HZ AC source from 6volts peak to peak to 24 volts peak to peak provided the minimum required input current is maintained.



6 volts DC @ 1.3 Amps to 24 volts DC @ .3 Amps

Maximum input voltage:

25 Volts DC 25Volts AC Peak to Peak

Minimum input voltage :

6 Volts DC 6 Volts AC Peak to Peak

Idle Current:

5 mA


1.5 volts DC at up to 3 Amps with 1.5 Amps typical


0.25 lbs.

Package Size:

2.25” x 3.50” x 1.00”

Input connections:

Non polarized

Input connectors:

Large Alligator

Output connector:

Twist Lock glow plug connector

Input & output cable length:

24 inches