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Engineering Design & Development
Excellent Engineering and Technical Support for consultants and companies without their own R&D department
Electronics, electro-chemical instruments, biotechnology, optics and laser fields

Specialized projects, engineering design & development, prototype development and small production runs

TechAssist can provide services for small to midsized companies who need engineering assistance in the electronics, electro-chemical instruments, biotechnology, optics and laser fields. This service is especially helpful for companies that do not maintain an adequate engineering staff for product design, development and prototype building. Because the work is on a project basis, it is more economical to outsource these services. TechAssist offers services to take a project from conception through the operational prototype. If it is a manufacturing, one of a kind piece of equipment, the process is complete, if there will be manufacturing of the product, the complete design package is ready for the next step, and TechAssist can help with the first small production run also.

Do you need technical support?

We specialize in helping small companies take a concept and do the necessary drawings and documentation to develop a new product.   We also build the prototype and work closely with your staff to meet specific client needs.  Do you need boards built, parts machined, assembly, materials sourcing, or just documentation to take to a manufacturing center?  We can help!  Contact us at

Machine Shop capabilities! 
We do custom machining to build prototypes and small production runs.   Aluminum, stainless, specialty parts machined with precision.   Feel free to call for price quotes 814-236-7644.